Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Read Across America Day - Spread the Love

Today, in honor of Dr Seuss' birthday, is Read Across America Day!
How appropriate that I sent my kids off to school this morning with envelopes for their Book Fair. :-) I'm a bit jealous of the fun they'll have looking through all the great books and selecting a few to bring home. Also jealous that they are having Green Eggs and Ham for lunch today!!

In honor of Read Across America Day and of Dr Seuss' Birthday, take a little extra time out of your crazy day to read... to yourself, your kids, someone who has trouble seeing, your dog, your neighbor, your neighbor's kids, you get the idea. Spread your love of the written word and remember how lucky we are to have access to so many wonderful books. Thank you to everyone who makes that possible - writers, editors, publishers, book sellers, readers and everyone in between!

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