Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exciting News!

My sister Rebecca and I are so excited that we were able to announce this morning that will be live streaming the CRESCENDO cover reveal.  CRESCENDO is the follow up to Becca Fitpatrick's NY Times Bestselling HUSH HUSH!!  Exciting Stuff.

Cover Reveal

Monday, March 29, 2010

FANG by James Patterson

Review: FANG, A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson
(Aka Maximum Ride Book 6)

Description (from the official Maximum Ride website,
For years, Max has been desperately on the run from evil forces trying to prevent her from her destiny to save the world – but nothing has ever rocked her world like this horrifying prophetic message. Fang is Max’s best friend, her soul mate, her partner in leading her flock of winged children. A life without Fang is a life unimaginable.

Max’s desperate desire to protect Fang brings the two closer than ever. But their world is turned upside down yet again when another winged boy, the beautiful Dylan, is introduced into the flock. Raised in a lab, like the flock, he exists only for one reason: He was created to be Max’s perfect other half. Now a battle of science against soul and perfection versus passion unfolds, twists, and turns…and meanwhile, the apocalypse is coming.

Info:Juvenile Fiction
Published by Little Brown & Company
In Stores Now

Review (Note this is a discussion we had about the book):
Jess and I recently read Fang, the 6th book in the Maximum Ride series. We are big fans of the Maximum Ride books and recommend them for all ages.
Jess finished this book last week and I found her curled up in a ball crying when she was done…

Not really Mom I was walking around crying. It was sad.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

'Falling In' Contest

Thank you so very much to all of you who took the time to read our first Mother/Daughter MG book review last week. Jessica is so very excited and can't wait to do the next which, by the way, will be FANG the newest Maximum Ride book by James Patterson.
The Falling In contest winner has been notified by email.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Falling In by Frances O'Roark Dowell

(This book was given to us, for review, by Simon & Schuster.)


Middle-schooler Isabelle Bean follows a mouse's squeak into a closet and falls into a parallel universe where the children believe she is the witch they have feared for years finally come to devour them.

Middle Grade, Fantasy
Published by Simon & Schuster
In Stores Now

Review (Note this is a discussion we had about the book):
Hey Jess, thanks for doing this with me. I think it’s great when Moms or Dads read with their kids. Let’s tell everyone how we did this.
I think it’s great too when parents spend bonding time with their kids, I was excited to read this with you. We each got a copy of this and read it, although….you took a very long time reading it.

Yeah, well sorry about that, I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks lol
Uhhhh huhhhhh, ok.

Hey it’s not fair, you get to read at school and after homework and I have to work you know :-) Let’s talk a little about the story. What did you think about it?
I thought it was a really good book, once I started reading it I couldn’t stop reading it. What did you think of it?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mother Daughter Fun!!

Let's start by ignoring the fact that I did the worst really quick cut and paste on this picture, don't judge me.

My almost 10 year old daughter is a voracious reader, reads just about every spare minute of every day. Some days when she has trouble getting up for school I sneak into her room and find a flashlight and book stowed away under her pillow from the night before. She frequently asks if she can read what I am reading. Now obviously that's not going to happen, some of the books just have way too much mature content. Let's be honest, I really don't want to answer some of the questions they might bring about :-) Sooo I thought maybe she and I could read some Middle Grade together. I asked her if she'd like to read some of the same books and blog about them. Guess what? She sure does!

The first book we are reading is called Falling In by Frances O'Roark Dowell (we received our copies from Simon & Schuster, for review).

Watch for our review to come in the next few days, and maybe we'll even give a copy away to celebrate our first review together.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Read Across America Day - Spread the Love

Today, in honor of Dr Seuss' birthday, is Read Across America Day!
How appropriate that I sent my kids off to school this morning with envelopes for their Book Fair. :-) I'm a bit jealous of the fun they'll have looking through all the great books and selecting a few to bring home. Also jealous that they are having Green Eggs and Ham for lunch today!!

In honor of Read Across America Day and of Dr Seuss' Birthday, take a little extra time out of your crazy day to read... to yourself, your kids, someone who has trouble seeing, your dog, your neighbor, your neighbor's kids, you get the idea. Spread your love of the written word and remember how lucky we are to have access to so many wonderful books. Thank you to everyone who makes that possible - writers, editors, publishers, book sellers, readers and everyone in between!

Monday, March 1, 2010