Monday, November 23, 2009

Blue is Back

Blue October was back on stage this weekend for the first time since Justin's hospitalization forced the cancellation of their Pick Up the Phone Tour. Justin suffered from an extreme panic attack and setback in his own mental health battles which resulted in his hospitalization and a period of recovery at home. Thankfully he received medical treatment, hopefully lots of support from his family and friends, and seems to be doing well. They were on stage at Stubbs for two nights this past weekend and everything I've read says they were great.
Justin was reportedly nervous about getting back up there and afraid he'd have a hard time with some of the lyrics (due to a new medication) but it seems once the lights went down and the fans came to life, he slipped right back into his comfort zone and wowed everyone!!!
Their set list included lots of my favorites, here's a look at Justin (and Ryan) performing the song that inspired the name of my blog...It's Just Me. It seems to me that Justin has a whole new level of emotion in his singing, he feels it all a little more now, not sure if that's a good thing for him, but it certainly translates into a powerful performance.

video from YouTube user angeleinaustin from 11/21/09 concert at Stubbs, Austin TX

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