Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Love

So I probably talk a little too much about Blue October on here, but since this is my blog, I LUV BO, and I used one of their songs to title my blog....I guess it's OK.

But today I'm thinking about Blu & especially Justin a little differently. I talked recently about how they were going to be testifying/speaking to a Congressional SubCommittee about Mental Health Issues & Suicide Prevention. This is something they are quite passionate about, especially Justin who makes no secret of the battle he has fought and continues to fight every day. Word came on Tuesday night that due to a medical emergency Justin would not be there, I believe that none of BO was. So now I am left to worry..... like a Mother about a child, (only I don't look at Justin like my child LOL believe me) It must be something serious for them to have had to pull out. My thoughts & prayers are with them and they are in my heart. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
I leave you with this video of a live performance many years ago. For those who don't 'get it' or maybe just never really thought about it. Watch this and listen to him, I mean really listen. Maybe you or I have never felt quite this low, but maybe we can help others who have.

I continue to be blown away by his honesty and willingness to share this with others. And one last thing, here's a really recent video of Justin (& Matt) talking about the Pick Up The Phone Tour.


Amy said...

I too have been worrying like a mother hen.

I watched the press conference yesterday and my heart broke that Justin & the guys weren't there- this is so important to all of them.

I'm praying that whatever this emergency is will resolve itself quickly and the guys can get out on tour and continue to raise awareness through their amazing music.

mommygraf said...

That performance was hauntingly beautiful. Gave me chills. Thanks for sharing!