Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Love

So I probably talk a little too much about Blue October on here, but since this is my blog, I LUV BO, and I used one of their songs to title my blog....I guess it's OK.

But today I'm thinking about Blu & especially Justin a little differently. I talked recently about how they were going to be testifying/speaking to a Congressional SubCommittee about Mental Health Issues & Suicide Prevention. This is something they are quite passionate about, especially Justin who makes no secret of the battle he has fought and continues to fight every day. Word came on Tuesday night that due to a medical emergency Justin would not be there, I believe that none of BO was. So now I am left to worry..... like a Mother about a child, (only I don't look at Justin like my child LOL believe me) It must be something serious for them to have had to pull out. My thoughts & prayers are with them and they are in my heart. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
I leave you with this video of a live performance many years ago. For those who don't 'get it' or maybe just never really thought about it. Watch this and listen to him, I mean really listen. Maybe you or I have never felt quite this low, but maybe we can help others who have.

I continue to be blown away by his honesty and willingness to share this with others. And one last thing, here's a really recent video of Justin (& Matt) talking about the Pick Up The Phone Tour.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Spreading the Hush, Hush love.

I'm gonna let my sister Rebecca say it for me, since she said it so well!!

I couldn't let October 13, 2009 pass without mentioning the small detail of today being the official release day of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Not only because I think it's an incredible book that you should all read, but as I've mentioned before my sister and I started, a Hush, Hush fansite.

Yep, we love it that much.

We've got all sorts of great stuff, a forum, a blog (for those of you who have read it you get why it's called The Coldwater High eZine) contests, twitter, even an "Ask Becca" thread on the forum where she'll stop by on Mondays to answer questions. She is just that super cool and down to earth. Just ask Lisa and Laura who posted 13 reasons why they love Hush, Hush!

While it's still insane to think we have an actual fansite, things have REALLY started to get exciting. Especially with the release today! Jenn (that's me!) and I are going to be at our local Borders in Scranton, PA this Friday from 7-10 pm to help promote Hush, Hush with giveaways (bookmarks, posters, a signed copy!) and a reading. Eeek, we even plan on wearing t-shirts with on them. Becca will be in Philly next month so we are working on arranging a time to meet her. In person!!! We've had the pleasure of working with Simon & Schuster here and in the UK. So many amazing things and more in the works.

And let me tell you Becca'a fans are incredible. One of the best parts about starting the site (aside from getting to work with Becca) is meeting the people who love Hush, Hush like we do. We have 119 amazing members who have been already built an awesome community with pics of who they see as Patch and Nora, other books and TV shows the love and more. Then there's Brittany who has been pumping out some killer banners using the teaser lines we posted the last ten days leading up to the release today. I'm telling you, they are just the best fans a girl could ask for. Becca is one lucky lady!

Hopefully if you've read Hush, Hush you will come join the fun and show your love for Becca. And if you haven't read it, you'll go pick a copy up today and come hang out with us when you finish at

So here's a BIG shout out to Becca Fitzpatrick on her very first release day! Thank you for writing one of the best stories I've ever read, and for being so supportive and just plain awesome. I am beyond excited to see what lies ahead. Hmm, Crescendo (the follow up to Hush, Hush) anyone? Heck yeah!