Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kangaroo Cry to (finally) Be Used on NCIS

I am so excited that Blue October's Kangaroo Cry is finally going to be used on NCIS! It was on a 'soundtrack' for last season and since my husband watches the show I listen every week for it :-)
According to Austin "the tune will air at the end of the December 15 episode....The song ties in with the storyline and will be used for a full 3 minutes. "

YAY!! Can't wait!!

Note: NCIS is broadcast on CBS.

Just because I'll use any reason to post a Blue October video...Here's a video of them performing Kangaroo Cry and Picking Up the Pieces at Webster Hall in NYC this past May. (Sadness by me since I was supposed to see them two days before the NY show, but the show was cancelled)

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